Welcome to Finding My Happy Pace….

Where I share my discoveries, my struggles, and my tips for living at my happy pace. My hope is that by sharing my stories, I will inspire you to find your own happy pace.

About Me:

I live outside of Philadelphia with my husband, our teenage son and daughter, and two cats. Growing up, I never thought I’d raise a family in the same suburban town in which I grew up. But that is just what I’m doing! My kids attend the same high school and middle school that I went to and my parents live less than two miles away in the house I was raised.

That said, I did spend two years in my 20’s living in the San Francisco Bay Area. And I truly did leave my heart in San Francisco!

I am an avid runner, an organizing enthusiast, a recovering dieter, and a beach lover. I struggle on a daily basis to fight my perfectionist tendencies. A former teacher and social worker, I’m currently working part-time as a human resources administrator.

Years ago at a pre-race expo, I bought a sticker that said: “Find Your Happy Pace”. As a runner, it means to run fast enough so that you feel as if you’re getting a good workout but not so fast that you want to keel over!

It is also a perfect metaphor for my life. I’ve struggled to find my perfect pace. Stay at home mom? Part-time job? Full-time job? Homebody? Social butterfly?  A food lover who is also a health food advocate.

I like to be busy but not too busy.

I like to contribute to my family financially. But I also love being a stay-at-home mom.

I like to be social. But I also like to be alone.

I like to eat healthy foods. But I also like to bake and indulge my sweet tooth.

I like to run, walk, play tennis, and ski. But I also love to sit on the beach for hours soaking up the sun.

In many areas of my life, I am still trying to find my happy pace. My perfect balance. Here, I will share my discoveries, my struggles, and my tips.

I hope to inspire you to live at your happy pace!


Suddenly, my babies are taller than me!
Seems like just yesterday