Have you ever Googled “Trail Run Wisconsin”?

Have you ever Googled “Trail Run Wisconsin?”

Probably not.  But I did this morning and was amazed at how many trail runs there are around me.  I’ve been living in a road race bubble and had no idea that these things existed around me.  This is something I’m pretty sure that I’m going to get involved with this year as I’m in recovery mode.

Since the start of March, I’ve went out for four runs.  All of them have taken place on loose gravel, snow, dirt, mud or grass, and none of them had catastrophic results on my knees.  Yesterday I experimented with the difference in feel from grass to a concrete bike path.  There was a noticeable difference.  As I comfortably ran back and forth on a soccer field, the brainstorming started.

Trail running.  This is something I’ve been recommended to do several times, and like the triathlon, I kept coming up with excuses as to why I can’t.

It’s inconvenient.  I’ll have to get in my car to drive somewhere to run instead of the luxury of stepping out of my own door to go for a run.
Excuse buster / attitude adjustment:  It will be more adventurous, I’ll visit new places, I’ll get out of my comfort zone, and won’t have to stop for traffic lights.

Fear.  I’m scared I’ll get lost in the woods and get eaten by bears.

Fear part 2.  I’m scared that I’ll run into a bear.  (Or any other large, vicious, hungry animal).  Chances are, I won’t be able to out run large, scary animal.

Fear part 3.  Birds. OMG BIRDS.  I’m honestly terrified of birds.  I’ve been attacked several times by Red Winged Black Birds; why are they so mean?!? I’ve heard stories of people getting chased by Turkeys.  Oh. My. God. BIRDS.

They’re stubborn excuses, and I’m not going to stand behind them anymore.  This is the one major thing I got out of that book RUN the Mind-Body Method of Running by Feel, by Matt Fitzgerald.  Instead of woe-me and making excuses, I need to adapt.  If trail running is what I can do while my body is slowly healing, then that’s what I’ll do.  And I’ll LOVE it!


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7 thoughts on “Have you ever Googled “Trail Run Wisconsin”?

  1. No bears or attack birds where I live. Do you have a smartphone with a map/GPS? That would at least take care of the getting lost fear. Just don’t twist your ankle–that would be my fear.

  2. that sounds like such a great idea! i’ve honestly never tried running on anything but concrete or a treadmill. it sounds refreshing though! i can’t wait to hear about your experiences. :)

  3. this year i’ve made a conscious effort to change the terrain that i run on from the track during the week to trails and asphalt/concrete on the weekends. for me, i’ve found that the track and trails make a huge difference. i am not as sore after a run compared to when i’ve only run on asphalt and concrete. i’m curious to see if you find the same!

  4. Lion and tigers and bears – oh my! The only wild animals around here that might give you trouble would be wildcats. No bears.
    Wait, we do have birds but not the scary kind.
    Trail running sounds like a GREAT options and a fun way to expand your running. Plus, trail runners are all kinds of laid back and cool. Or, at least all the trail runners I’ve met!
    You are going to have so much fun! Glad you’re being so brave!!!

  5. Trail running! I noticed that when I decided to run around the grassy circumference of the track instead of ON it, my knees and ankles felt much bettah. But track running is so boring. I’ll hit the trails soon. ;)

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