Zumba Fitness on Xbox 360 Kinect

Several people have asked me what I think about the Zumba Fitness Xbox Kinect game, so I thought it might be time for another Xbox Kinect game review post. So if you don’t have an Xbox Kinect and have no interest, you may want to exit now. But I encourage you to visit Neo Endurance’s blog post about swimming techniques that she wrote just for me (that is, if you’re interested in swimming)!

My Zumba Fitness experience on Xbox Kinect:

First thing to know, is that I don’t do user manuals. I like to pop in a game and figure it out myself. This being said, I had a difficult time toggling through the menus and couldn’t figure out how to just start dancing. Difficult enough that I had to have my husband step in and start it for me. He’s since arranged it so that it recognizes my face and I can start it easier. Maybe reading the user manual would have been a good idea.

Another thing to know is that I have Zumba experience, so I skipped the tutorials and Zumba class that the game has. I jumped right into one of the 20 minute beginner workouts (there are 2 of them). It seems to me that you have to master both 20 minute beginner workouts to unlock the other workouts. There are some 45 minute workouts that I can’t get to yet because they’re locked.

The actual game play doesn’t really appear to be a “game”, but this is called Zumba Fitness after all. You mirror the moves that the character is doing. There are no flashcards for the moves on the side like there are in Dance Central. I personally found it easy to follow along, but again, I have Zumba experience. I can see how a beginner would get easily frustrated with this. If you’re a Zumba beginner, remember this is a FUN workout!!

The one cool thing about it is that it has an Xbox Live function. I tried to find a “quick match”, but there was none available. This leads me to believe that there are not enough Zumba Fitness users out there. Go buy it people and play with me online!! What’s really cool is if you know someone who has it, you can arrange to play together through Xbox Live.

Based off of doing the two 20 minute beginner routines, I grade Zumba Fitness a B-. There are worse reviews out there. I wouldn’t pay the full retail price for it, $50.00, if you’re thinking of giving it a try, find it used or better yet, rent it first.

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5 thoughts on “Zumba Fitness on Xbox 360 Kinect

  1. I have no Zumba experience prior to trying this game. I am totally addicted now. So far since Jan 3,2011 I have lost 13 pounds and 2 pant sizes. It is now Jan 24, 2011. Will keep posting updates for those interested. Everyone try it. You have nothing to lose but pounds, and have fun while doing so!!! Happy zumba everyone!!!!

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