What NOT to say to a Runner

I started drafting a post two weeks ago about things runners don’t want to hear the day after a race. I lost interest and forgot about it. I remembered it yesterday, after completing a half marathon. But it wasn’t something said to me after the race, it was during. My mind was blown at the lack of decency this person had.

John and I ran the Haunted Hustle half marathon together yesterday. Our plan was to have fun, no time goals, just 13.1 miles of fun. We dressed up in costumes, he was a wolf and I was the Little Red Riding Hood. We laughed through the entire thing, until about mile 11, when this woman, old enough to know better, pointed at us and said “Look at these two, walking, that’s depressing”.

It happened so fast, and I had been having so much fun that it didn’t process in my head right away. She said what? John was angry, he wanted to catch up to her and tell her off. I decided it wasn’t worth the energy. We had been having so much fun, I didn’t want this awful woman to ruin my day.

I do wish I would have seen her after the finish to tell her “Hey unkind lady, I completed Ironman in September, and ran a full marathon just 14 days ago. Yes, I took a little walk break at mile 11 today, my legs are tired”

Not that anyone should have to explain to anyone why they are walking in a long distance race. I know people who take a walk break in a 5k, and THAT’S OKAY. What if this was my first half marathon? What if I was battling a deadly disease? What if anything? I guess it’s lucky for the universe that she said it to me, and not to someone else who would have taken it more personally.

/End rant.

Despite that, it truly was the most fun I’ve ever had covering the 13.1 distance.

Pictures to come, and maybe a lighter, happier recap. :)