Three Precious Weeks

There is just three weeks left in my Ironman Wisconsin training before I start to taper.  It sounds like a long time, but I am behind on my run training. These three weeks are precious.

After my personal worst finish Door County 70.3 I did a lot of thinking, analyzing, and panicking…the usual. I made a tough, but best-for-me decision to discontinue my coached training for Ironman. Turns out, it wasn’t for me. I always felt stressed out and pressured to get in all these workouts while juggling my full-time job. My job has varied hours. Sometimes I start work at 7:00 am, sometimes I start at 10:00 am. Sometimes I get off at 4:00 pm, sometimes I get off at 7:00 pm. Sometimes after a 10 hour workday I didn’t have the mojo to do a two hour workout.

I started to resent training and dread workouts. Skipping a workout made me feel like a jerk face and I hated thinking I was disappointing someone, even though she never, ever said anything bad! She was always good about letting me listen to my body. So it wasn’t that specific coach that wasn’t a fit for me. I believe this would have happened with any coach that I trained with.

So here I go, on my own, being my own coach again. My biggest hurdle at this point is getting my run training back on track. I lost some endurance and speed. My longest run before Door County was 10.6 miles. I have a lot of work to do in very little time and somehow avoid injury with the increased mileage. Like I said, these next three weeks will be precious.

I’m keeping calm! I refuse to quit! I will survive three more tough weeks!