13.1 Miles of Yuck and Uncertainty

I thought I was clear of my Peak Week Plague, and was so eager to go to my first half marathon this year. After missing my final long run for my spring marathon I argued with myself all week if I would run 5 miles before the half marathon or not. I compromised with myself and only ran 3 before the race for a final run of 16 miles before the marathon.

My pre-race 3 miles felt fine, a 9:30 average, a comfortable pace for me. The first two miles of the race felt fine, 9:20 splits, and then… I have no idea what happened. For some reason I slowed to the tens and no matter how hard I tried to fight it, my legs just wouldn’t move quicker.

(disclaimer; I’m not bashing a ten minute mile, I’m not saying it’s slow, it’s just not my normal pace)

Miles 3-7 were into the wind, I thought that when I got to the turn-around all would be right in my world, but things didn’t improve. My sinuses were bothering me, and my body wouldn’t disperse any energy. WTF body? Work with me here.

Of course when the body won’t cooperate, the head goes to a dark place. “I felt better in my Ironman Marathon. Ooooof, marathon, I should probably drop to the half in my spring marathon. Ugh, Ironman, I can’t be starting my season like this, Ironman is going to be awful this year. What if my Ironman marathon feels like this? I hate running. I quit. This is stupid. This is the longest fives miles ever back to the finish

Honestly, I have been giving some serious thought to dropping from the full marathon to the half after the ugly 13.1 I ran on Saturday. My thinking is that it’s senseless to go through taper and a 2-3 week recovery for another five hour marathon. Instead of dealing with a 2-3 week recovery, I can start focusing on Ironman training sooner.

Maybe that sounds quitter-like to some, but I’m pretty frustrated with how my half marathon went on Saturday. I expect better of myself. I trained through the Polar Vortex, but apparently not hard enough. But maybe the disastrous 13.1 was a fluke too? There’s a possibility that my flu from last week affected my performance. Things I will never know.

So, to show up to a full marathon and hope it’s not another off-day? Or pass on 26.2 miles of chance and focus on Ironman training?